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Founded in 2011 and based in London, Women in Social Finance is a private community that fosters connection, advancement and collaboration between experienced women in the field of social finance in the UK.

Our members are leading organisations or actively working in mid and senior level positions. Our membership includes partners, CEOs, investment managers, programme directors, policymakers and consultants across foundations, investment managers, banks, consultancies, non-profits and the public sector. Key areas of our members' expertise include impact investing, inclusive finance, sustainable finance, governance, entrepreneurship and leadership.

We meet 6-8 times per year and also interact through an online platform and regular newsletter. Our meetings include time for connection as well as regular updates from our members on projects, initiatives and industry developments. Expert speakers from both our group and outside lead workshops and discussions on current topics. We also connect with parallel groups in other cities and countries and often invite those coming through London to join us. All of this contributes to building our community and capacity of women in the field.

We have a strong sense of humour, appreciation of expertise and experience, passion for collaboration and supportiveness, and commitment to the field and the impact we all wish to see in the world.

We endeavor to:

• Share strategic insights and trends in the field

• Create opportunities to connect and discuss work- related topics with discretion

• Provide a supportive, non-solicitive space to dialogue and offer constructive feedback

• Share experiences, offer co- mentoring opportunities, and support career development

• Share upcoming events in the field

• Highlight job openings and exciting candidates

• Encourage and share speaking, Board and Investment Committee opportunities

• Share relevant articles and resources

• For some, foster a specific agenda around women as investors, gender lens investing and gender lens in our work


We are now opening the call for Associates - apply here: https://tsic.typeform.com/to/poLjur before 28th February!

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